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June 13, 2024 21:04

I am a company representative, looking for financial resources for my business.

         Looking for financial resources for your company? CJSC KSE-ETS is ready to help you with this by providing your broker with a trading system. The stock market is the platform where investors, both with large and small capital, find profitable commercial companies for themselves. Investors with small financial resources have the opportunity to pool their funds for large projects.

   But you should keep in mind that if in the ordinary market buyers are looking for goods commensurate with quality/ price, then in the capital market investors are looking for a security commensurate with profitability / price. To sell shares of your companies at a high price, then, accordingly, its profit should not be small and steadily growing. The company should not be in the process of bankruptcy, or have burdensome debts.

   If we are talking about the future growth potential of your company, then you need to justify its capabilities by giving the necessary calculations. It is desirable that these calculations were from independent financial analysts.

CJSC KSE-ETS strives to ensure that all joint-stock companies selling their securities on the stock exchange provide their reports in open access, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, the amount of dividends paid and other data.

   In order for your company’s securities to be sold on the stock exchange, you need to conclude an agreement with a broker. Only a broker has the right to submit an application in the exchange’s trading system on behalf of your company and place your company’s shares on the primary market.

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