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CJSC «Kyrgyz stock exchange – ETS»

June 13, 2024 19:59

Closed Joint Stock Company “Kyrgyz stock exchange – ETS” (abbreviated CJSC “KSE-ETS”) It is a trading platform for the purchase/sale of state, municipal and corporate securities.

Our mission is to develop the stock market of Kyrgyzstan by creating favorable conditions for trading in financial instruments, as well as mobilizing domestic investment potential to finance investment projects through the stock market.

CJSC “KSE-ETS” serves as a necessary link for the interaction of investors and brokers of the exchange. We encourage domestic and foreign businesses to use the stock exchange as a platform for attracting financial resources to develop their business.

The company is also developing other areas of exchange activity, in addition to the securities market. Trading participants have the opportunity to carry out operations with precious metals, as well as conduct transactions in the currency trading section.

There is also a commodity section on our exchange.

Stock exchange values


To enable people to create their own competitive advantages and values of their company is a degree of supreme trust based on confidence in the professionalism and loyalty of our people to their company.



Encourage the adoption of bold decisions and innovative proposals as an opportunity for development and self-improvement. To ensure the implementation of our initiatives based on the desire for universal development and professional development.


Business reputation and trust from customers, partners and society are our main priority in our work. We value our reputation and put openness, honesty and reliability above all else.


Leadership and success are our credo and aspiration. We are a team with leadership energy and striving for professional success.


Be responsible to colleagues, partners and society. Responsibility is our daily standard of work.

Advantages of stock exchange

1. Remote service

CJSC “KSE-ETS” uses an electronic trading platform, and strives to ensure that all exchange transactions take place remotely, through the use of the Internet. The Exchange actively implements modern digital technologies in the process of buying / selling securities, currency and goods, while paying sufficient attention to the security of transactions and maintaining the confidentiality of our customers, except when disclosure of these data is required by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2. Timely execution

Our priority in the stock exchange work is the timely execution of transactions. We are making efforts to reduce the time to execute trading operations using the latest software products. We automate the trading processes so that the participation of the human factor is minimal. CJSC “KSE-ETS” has created a mobile brokerage application that allows professional participants to trade online wherever they are using mobile gadgets.

3. Cost reduction

CJSC “KSE-ETS” also strives to reduce transaction costs and maximize commission reduction for brokers by combining exchange and depository services. The Exchange simultaneously holds the license of the trade organizer and the depository.

4. Compliance with the legality of all transactions

CJSC “KSE-ETS” in its work focuses on the regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic. The administration of the exchange promptly responds to changes in legislation by timely amendments to internal regulations, according to the proposals of brokers and investors.

5. Availability of traders to reports

Striving for openness and publicity! We require business representatives who wish to place shares of their companies on our stock exchange to be as open and transparent as possible, as well as to provide their financial reports in open access.

History of the stock exchange

A group of professional participants of the securities market has established CJSC "Exchange Trading System". Since the collapse of the USSR, it was the second exchange in Kyrgyzstan. It is worth noting that the stock exchange was created without the participation of foreign companies, only by the own efforts of domestic professional participants.

1999 year

The trading volume amounted to 4.55 million soms, 286 transactions with corporate securities were registered.

2001 year

The volume of transactions on the exchange amounted to 8.55 million soms, the number of registered transactions – 1122.

2002 year

3,648 transactions with corporate shares and bonds were registered, totaling 444.29 million soms.

2003 year

3,474 transactions with corporate securities totaling 275.316 million som were registered.

2004 year

The trading volume was 110.38 million som, the number of registered transactions is 2,284.

2005 year

The volume of transactions amounted to 91.983 million som, 2,581 securities transactions were registered.

2006 year

2,837 transactions with a total volume of 166.67 million som were registered.

2007 year

On the stock exchange, the volume of transactions amounted to 589.645 million som, 5,014 transactions were registered.

2008 year

The trading volume was 483.149 mln som, 4 131 transactions with corporate securities were registered.

2009 year

Since 2009, CJSC “KSE-ETS” has been listing securities of public joint-stock companies in Kyrgyzstan. 8 companies of the Kyrgyz Republic have passed the listing procedure on the exchange.

2009 year

In 2010, 810 transactions were registered with a total volume of 572.48 million som. Since 2010, CJSC “KSE-ETS” has also been engaged in disclosing information of open joint stock companies, in particular financial statements and material facts. To date, on the exchange's website ( public companies disclose their financial statements.

2010 year

CJSC "Kyrgyz Stock Exchange - ETS" and CJSC "Kyrgyz Stock Exchange" concluded on March 05, 2011 an agreement on consolidation of securities trading on the united Stock Exchange. In this regard, trading with securities was conducted on the trading platform of the unified exchange.

2011 year

From 2011 to 2022, due to the suspension of securities trading, CJSC “KSE-ETS” carried out only depository activities.

2011-2022 years

Both legal entities and individuals use the services of the depository of CJSC “KSE-ETS”. From 2017 to 2021, 19 contracts for depository services were concluded. Of these, 12 legal entities and 7 individuals became depositors.

2017-2021 year

From September 2017 to December 2020, inter-depository relations were carried out with the Russian Investment company "Zerich Capital Management". The securities in the amount of 440.511 million som were in the custody of Zerich Capital Management in the depository.

2017-2020 year

In December 2019, CJSC "KSE-ETS" took part in a tender for the selection of a depository for the conclusion of a contract for the provision of depository services with OJSC NPF Dordoy Garant.

2019 year

Also, inter-depository relations with CJSC "Central Depository" are carried out. In 2021, 208 securities transactions were carried out on inter-deposit transfers of securities.

2021 year

According to the results of 2021, 29,389,945 securities of domestic companies totaling 254.412 million som were kept in the depository of CJSC “KSE-ETS".

2021 year

Trading with securities on our exchange has been resumed since July 2022.

2022 year

In August 2022, an inter-depository agreement was signed with the depository of OJSC "Envoys Vision Digital Exchange" to service securities in order to perform exchange transactions and store securities.

2022 year

By the end of 2022, 52 transactions were registered on the stock exchange, the volume of trading with securities amounted to 3 billion 71 million 996 thousand soms with the number of securities – 28 192 013. There were 27,629,332 securities of domestic companies for a total amount of 147,196,322.87 soms in the depository of CJSC "KSE-ETS". Also in 2022, registrars executed 279 securities deposits and 149 write-offs from the depository to the register.

2022 year

List of licenses of CJSC “KSE-ETS”

License for exchange activity

The right to carry out professional activity in the securities market.

License for depository activity

The right to carry out professional activity in the securities market.

Contacts of CJSC «Kyrgyz Stock Exchange – ETS»